Clare Vivier Gives Fanny Pack Tips, Reveals Fave Bloggers, & More!

Handbags tend to be a serious matter among fashion folks. Knowing the latest designers comes with the turf, so the name Clare Vivier is probably already on your radar. But, how much do you really know about this awesome, bilingual jet-setter? Luckily, the L.A.-based designer was in town to fete her latest line, and we snuck in a few moments to chat about Instagram, her hot collab with Goop, and rocking a fanny pack like a boss.
You recently launched a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop! Tell us about the designs.
"We released it last week — it was a kind of nautical-inspired clutch, which Gwyneth really likes. Apparently, her favorite color is gray, so we did gray catch-alls and a gray simple tote, as well."
Your bags and clutches have been seen in the hands of It Girls all over the world — is there a style blogger you'd like to see toting one?
"One girl who does carry it is Julie of Sincerely, Jules. Besides her, it would be super if Leandra from Man Repeller carried it. I think she's very funny — she's got a great sense of humor. I also love Into The Gloss, so Emily Weiss, too. I love the Who What Wear women, both of the two women who founded it are amazing and I would love for them to carry it!"
You recently visited Japan. Do you think the minimalist, Japanese style speaks to the sleek simplicity of your pieces?
"Yeah, I think it's a combination of the very chic and simple design aspect of our line, and also the fact that it is made in America. Japan loves Americana — it seems to really resonate with Japanese store buyers, and then the customers."
Being this was your first time in Japan, what was the highlight of your trip?
"God, there were so many things! The night that the Steven Alan store opened was a really fun party and it was just so great to see all the people come out for that. They were so excited! The other things that were a highlight were the meals and the restaurants. I toured a bunch of the stores that carry my stuff — it was such a thrilling sight for me."
You are totally reviving the fanny pack these days! What is your go-to outfit for rocking yours?
"It's so cute with so many things! With a shirtdress (something that kind of needs to be cinched), it would look cute if you're going to the farmers market on a Sunday morning, and you just have your shirtdress and your fanny pack. If you're going to a concert, and you've got your jean shorts and your sandals, that's also really cute. I wore it all over Japan, so I was wearing it with just skinny jeans and a trench coat, because I didn't want to carry a bag around."
And, what can we usually find in your Clare Vivier fanny pack?
"You can always find my iPhone in there, because I'm constantly taking pictures for Instagram; my cute Clare Vivier card case, which I always have with me; and probably some lipstick and mascara."
Being a pretty active Instagrammer, what is your favorite Instagram account that everyone needs to follow now?
"I love Amanda Brooks' Instagram because she moved to the English countryside and it's so different from what we live in the city in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, or whatever. Her pictures are always of horses, making jam, and animals in her barn yard. They are so gorgeous — and English countryside, I love that. Instagram is a great way to keep up with people."
The SEEVIVIER blog is a really cool way for you to speak to your fans and keep them updated on your life. What do you like about blogging?
"My blog was really what I used to create the brand identity. It was just me, my life in Los Angeles, my family, traveling to France, and then just creating the line. I would take pictures of new bags we were doing and people that were working with me, and it just kind of resonated with people as a picture of a small business that was growing. And, I have a lot of people who were following since the beginning and excited to see it grow, so it's been really fun."
What designs can we expect to see in your next collection?
"We have some beautiful star-printed bags coming out and gorgeous, navy-blue heron duffles. Of course, more stripes because that seems to be something people react to and I really love them, as well. I think those trends that we are doing in our line are happening in the wider world of fashion, so those are the things I am looking forward to."
Photo: Via Facebook/Clare Vivier

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