Could Glycolic Acid Be The Secret To A Model-Perfect Visage?

Fads have been a part of fashion for decades, but who would’ve thought skin care would enjoy the same cyclical go-around of cure-alls? This time, the new ingredient we’re fawning over isn’t new at all. In fact, glycolic acid — a highly soluble alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane — has been touted as a skin care savior for eons, and it’s no wonder why.
The fruit acid is best known for its ability to accelerate cell turnover, making it ideal for maturing, sun-damaged, or hyperpigmented skin, but we love the fact that it can truly penetrate skin — instead of sitting on top of your face, clogging up your pores. So, what does that mean for your complexion? You can officially say goodbye to dry, lackluster, or uneven skin. And, in addition to its moisturizing and wrinkle-fighting powers, glycolic acid can work wonders for those with acne-prone skin that haven’t found relief with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Quite the resumé!
While you'll see amazing results from a professional treatment with your derm, if you’re not ready to dive face-first into a harsh chemical peel, we found 8 glycolic acid products — we’re talking everything from refreshing toners and exfoliating cleansers to a low-concentration at-home peel — that will revitalize your visage at home. Skin that glows (not shines!) awaits, right this way!

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