Lululemon's 10 Best Workout (Or Lazy Weekend) Must-Haves

Dang, girl, look at you. You are all about fitness this year. You canceled Netflix and joined the gym. You skip the bar for Bikram. You're would train for a marathon — but you don't want to dust all the other runners (hey, even super-athletes like you have a heart).
If that sounds anything like you, then you're gonna love the 10 Lululemon picks ahead. Their bright colors, fashionably slim fits, and high-tech performance fabrics ensure that you stay cute, cool, and dry — even when faced with the most sadistic SoulCycle instructor.
And hey, even if you aren't Ms. Fitness (cough — like us!), the adorable pieces ahead are still worth checking out. If nothing else, they're sure to make your deli runs that much more presentable.
Click on for our 10 workout (or weekend) must-haves!

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