Calling All Gallery Girls! Why We Love Rachel Comey's Architectural Chic

A dress is a dress, right? Well, usually — but in the case of these Rachel Comey stunners, that old idea definitely doesn't apply. See, Comey couldn't design a plain-old "pretty" dress if her life depended on it. Comey's way more interested in creating subtly architectural pieces through her clever use of billowing cuts and fascinating details, such as mesh cutouts and intricate wraps.
That's not to say these dresses are unwearable — with their lovely, delicately layered fabrics and impeccable fits, we'll gladly don 'em all day, every day. But make no mistake — when you show up to the garden party wearing a diaphanous, gray digital-print gown, you will definitely stand out in a sea of floral prints. But hey, standing out is what a Rachel Comey girl is all about.
Click on for our 10 favorite anti-summer dresses, straight ahead.

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