The 15 Bridal Shoes You'll Wear WAY Past The Big Day

When it comes to acing your bridal look, the devil is in the details. Unfortunately it’s also devilishly difficult — and expensive — to get those final details right. Even if you’re not going in for the obligatory misty-focused, shoes-inexplicably-perched-on-a-ledge photo on the big day, getting the perfect pair for your dream dress is no easy task.
And, while you might be resigned to your wedding gown retiring to the back of your closet (we’re not counting the times you try it on when you’re home alone), wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear your wedding shoes beyond the big day? After all, if this ends up being the first (and last) pair of Loubies that you’ll ever own, one single outing just feels wrong.
Thankfully, white (and pale, and metallic) shoes are all the rage this summer, so 2013 brides can tap into the trend with a gaggle of gorgeous heels and flats that happily make the hop, skip, and jump from the catwalk to church aisle.
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