Summer's 10 Best Heels — That Won't Kill Your Feet

They say you're either a heels girl or a flats girl, but we'd like to put an end to that age-old beef and suggest a truce — ladies, meet the sensible heel. Not a teeny-tiny kitten pump, a spindly stiletto, or a monster wedge, the sensible heel avoids the extremes of seasons past in favor of a simple, feminine shape, and totally reasonable height (who says heels have to hurt?).
And if you think "eminently wearable" means "total snooze-fest" — click on and let Nasty Gal change your mind. Sculptural white wedges, sleek black booties set atop a perspex heel, mint-suede and metallic stunners — the 10 shoes ahead are ample proof that the cute ones aren't always cray.

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