Stamp It Out: A Fool-Proof Cat Eye Trick

Not unlike Elle Woods' signature "Bend and Snap" move, a well-executed cat-eye has a 98% success rate of getting someone's attention, and when used appropriately, it has an 83% rate of return on a dinner invitation (or so we've heard). So, if this fierce-looking makeup trick is so effective, then how come everyone and their sister isn't flashing it on the reg?
The truth is, creating the perfect feline shape can actually be pretty tricky. There's the whole "steady hand" requirement that we never really mastered and that, to be honest, never bodes well with smudgy liquid liner, either. In reality, most of our attempts at the cat-eye result in us looking like Khal Drogo (which we normally wouldn't mind, if it also included that six-pack).
Thankfully, our friends at The Beauty Department have devised a super-easy way to achieve this sultry eye look with a genius technique called "stamping." Pictured here, stamping requires zero drawing ability and no steady lines. All you'll need is a gel or cream liner, an angled liner brush, and someone to purr at later.
Check out the full tutorial over at The Beauty Department, then tell us: Would you try wingin' it with this stamp technique? (The Beauty Department.)
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