What's On Ellie Goulding's Workout Playlist? You'll Never Guess...

What does our Washington, D.C. editor Holly Thomas have in common with Ellie Goulding? A love of running, obviously. Both of them hit the Nike Women Half Marathon this past weekend — and, before hitting the starting line, we caught up with Goulding to find out why she loves to run.
From what's on Goulding's get-going playlist to her thoughts on workout style, we're totally inspired by her thoughts on being a runner. And, need we remind you that she squeezed in this race while on tour in Europe? Which means, of course, that the rest of us are steadily running out of excuses to lace up our sneaks. After all, if Goulding has time to train while touring Europe, we all probably do.
Produced by Katie Lincoln, video by Jack Pearce. Photos: Courtesy of Nike.

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