Save The Date: It's Cat-Eyes & Beehives At Smith & Davis

As hard as we may try, it's hard to find the time to really play with your look. But thanks to the hot new salon Smith & Davis, you can take matters into your own hands at its upcoming "Cat Eyes and Beehives" event taking place on Friday, May 10 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
But don't worry — you won't look like you're stuck in a time warp. Makeup artist Kelly Haley and stylist Stevie Smith will show you how to easily execute a modern take on these classic, old-school looks. The advice is free, but you do have to RSVP by May 7 to ensure your spot.
Smith & Davis Salon, 735 West Wrightwood Avenue (between Burling and Halsted streets); 773-697-4206.
Photo: Courtesy of Smith & Davis

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