Eileen Fisher Gets By With A Little Help From Kate Young For Spring '13

There are the labels we lust over season after season, and then there are ones we keep in our peripheral vision, watching for a total out-of-the-ordinary move. Eileen Fisher is one such example. Perhaps we all have a preconceived idea of what a typical collection looks like, but with a fresh perspective and the help of renown stylist (and Target collaborator) Kate Young, the newest Eileen Fisher is far from the expected.
The looks have all been graced with Young's signature aesthetic — you know, the one you recognize when actresses like Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, and Diane Kruger stroll along the red carpet, coming off as equal parts sexy and soft. And yes, Young's style sense is just as perceptible in the following photos. With her expert eye, she's draped an asymmetrical linen cardigan around a slick pencil skirt so that it falls loosely, like the hem of a gown, and she's layered a flowing blouse over a simple maxi to add subtle ripple dimension.
But, we've got to give credit to Fisher, as well. Her versatile pieces include a mustard anorak that certainly does look great over navy cutoffs, but also seems way more wearable than any light jacket we've already got at home. And how about that white cardigan that's as structured as a blazer but as soft as your favorite oversized sweater? Yep, that totally deserves a high-five. Check out the entire, pleasantly refreshing collection with the Hollywood-stylist touch ahead.
Photo: Courtesy of Eileen Fisher

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