In Today's Awesome News, Clinique Says Nail Polish Can Give You A Facial Rash

Listen, we're all for products that pamper sensitive skin, but a nail polish? To quote Seth Meyers, really?!? Yes, really — or so says Clinique. The brand has launched its own line of nail polishes targeted at consumers with sensitive skin, because apparently the stuff you're using now might be screwing up your face.
According to the brand, conventional nail enamel is considered a "significant allergen source for periorbital dermatitis — a facial rash that develops around the lower and upper eyelids." The brand is not releasing info on what in polish, exactly, causes this skin irritation. (We did some digging and according to a few sources, the most common nail-polish ingredient that is linked to skin allergies is toluene sulfonamide formaldehyde resin, or TSFR).
Usually people see a reaction to this allergy on the skin around their nail beds and on their fingers, but according to Clinique, when your manicured mitts come in contact with your face (which they estimate can be an average of 200 times per day—yikes), your polish can purportedly cause this same rash on your face. Fabulous.
Clinique's range of enamels have been tested for safety by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists — a first, as far as we can tell, in the industry. The line features a dual topcoat and basecoat, 12 permanent shades in classic hues, and nine limited-edition brights for summer.
Even if you don't buy into the whole "sensitive skin nail polish" idea, we don't think there's anything wrong with promoting kinder, gentler lacquers — especially when you look at just how toxic some of the ones currently on the market can be. We're all for extra testing to make sure products are truly safe, since somehow our country still does way less regulating and testing than Europe. And, all right, a tiny (read: huge) part of us is stoked to see the brand's iconic Black Honey lip hue translated into a nail polish.
Clinique A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skin, $16 each, available at Clinique.

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