10 Charming Bridal Jewels For Summer Nuptials — & Beyond!

Getting hitched means a lot of things: shopping for the perfect dress, finding a venue that’s just right, and making sure all the details fall into place. But one thing it doesn’t have to mean? A gem-emblazoned tiara that reads more “cake-topper” than “blushing bride.” Besides, would you really want anything to compete with that shiny, new ring you’ve been sporting since your fiancé asked for your hand in marriage? Didn’t think so.
With that in mind, we culled our favorite shops for elegant jewels that are sure to complement your gown. No matter if you’re hosting a traditional shindig complete with a bouquet toss or you’re getting hitched at City Hall in an all-white jumpsuit (atta girl!), ahead, you’ll find 10 accessories — we’re talking everything from a subtly enchanting hair pin to a pair of drop earrings that are begging to play the part of your something blue — to complete your so-special day.

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