DD Creams: Yes, They're Happening

dd embed
Well, it was only a matter of time: DD cream is officially a thing. This new Dynamic Do-all by Julep stands on the shoulders of BB and CC, taking the all-in-one product innovation we've come to love and kicking it up a notch. With two different anti-aging ingredients, DD cream doesn't just make your skin look perfect when you put it on; it claims to improve your skin over time. Now that's something we'd like to invest in.
Julep won't start shipping its DD cream out until June, just in time for us to enter super-sweaty-weather territory. Luckily, DD cream sounds pretty ideal for our skin's summer needs, because of its lightweight, buildable coverage, and of course, SPF. We can't wait to throw some on for all day coverage at the beach and the park (and, okay fine, the office, too). With promises to moisturize, prime, perfect, and protect, if DD cream can't keep our skin fresh and flawless this summer, we're not sure anything can.
Now, we just have to wait for someone to invent an EE cream — one product for "Everything Else."
Julep DD Cream, $36, available for pre-order at Julep.com

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