A Month's Worth Of Workouts — For Freesies!

Is there anything more irritating than cellulite? It bugs us that however much we seem to work out (or apply anti-cellulite creams, or zap ourselves with strange cellulite-busting machines), that stubborn dimpled skin seems to persist. To help us understand the cycle of cellulite — in order to better treat it — the folks over at Clarins studied up and found the the best way to tackle cellulite at home is with a combination of product, exercise, and massage.
Sounds like a lot of work, right? Thankfully they've made it easy: To help launch their new Body Lift Cellulite Control potion, Clarins has teamed up with Barry's Bootcamp to launch free workout videos on its YouTube channel. All four workouts focus on lower-body-strengthening moves that, according to the brand, promise to make a serious difference in cellulite when combined with regular use of Body Lift and self-massage.
Now, as we've said before, we're all about body acceptance and self-love — and we know that, treatment or not, some cellulite is simply a part of life. But, four free workout videos? The promise of firmer, smoother gams? We figured that was worth shouting about. Printed silk shorts, here we come!

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