It's All Good: Acne Makes Every Kind Of Dream Denim

This may betray our role as fashion writers, but here's one of the dirty little secrets of style: It doesn't matter what kind of jeans are "in" anymore. These days, there's no monolithic decree to wear skinny jeans, baggy boyfriend denim, or anything other than the kind you love.
Denim's supposed to be an egalitarian garment, after all — and brands like Acne are embracing that spirit with styles that run the gamut, from ripped-up rocker denim to stiff selvedge, in any silhouette you can name.
You like skin-tight skinnies? Acne's got you covered (just don't breathe too deep). Beat-up boyfriend denim? Borrow away, ladies. High-waisted jeans? Get your mom on. These days, anything goes — and Acne makes it all look good.

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