Friday Bummer: Ginger Root Design's Boutique Will Close Mid-May

You've probably noticed that the lovely ladies behind Ginger Root Design, Kristen Swenson and Erin Derge, have been busy bees for the past year, expanding their tailoring business, managing a boutique packed with local designs, and throwing a bounty of shopping parties. We’ve always been big fans of their enthusiasm for and devotion to the local design scene, but we have some bittersweet news: The owners have decided to close the downstairs boutique next month in order to focus on the upstairs clothing design and tailoring shop.
Before the heavy sigh kicks in, remember the sweeter half of this news. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the duo's sewing skills, let them have at one of your old, unworn pieces and see what magic occurs. The tailoring shop offers plenty of basic alterations, too, and since they're turning their full attention to design, Swenson and Derge will be releasing an eco-friendly summer clothing collection in the upcoming months. We’re definitely going to miss the cozy, inviting boutique, but we’re also thrilled to see what they'ill come up with next.
Ginger Root Design, 1530 U St NW; 202-567-7668.
Photo: Courtesy of Ginger Root Design

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