17 Eco-Friendly Beauty Buys That Really Work

Around the R29 offices, we like to think of every day as Earth Day. We’ve implemented tons of eco-friendly initiatives around our offices because we truly care about the environment, and want to do everything we can to protect and conserve it. And you better believe that eco-minded ethos extends into our beauty routines as well.
The problem many people have with green beauty is that the products either don’t work the way they are accustomed to (shampoos that don’t foam, creams that feel greasy), aren’t actually green (where’s the FDA to regulate when you need them?), or they don’t provide the kind of results they are looking for. That’s not true for every green product, but you definitely need to do some digging to uncover those primpers that actually perform. Or, you can just let us do the dirty work for you.
Our staffers have tried more than their fair share of vegan, organic, natural, biodynamic, and cruelty-free products over the years, many of which are now staples in their everyday routines. From a natural deodorant that actually keeps you dry to a conditioner that turns your hair into silk, here are the 17 eco-friendly beauty buys our editors swear by.

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