Cheers To The Sun: Soludos Makes Slip-Ons We Don't Want To Slip Off

Every time we hear that Soludos has released another round of its signature espadrilles, we know it must be spring (regardless of whatever crummy weather it is outside). From collaborations with our favorite labels to original designs, the free-spirited brand always manages to supply us with steppers we can't wait to slip our feet into.
This time around, Soludos joined forces with LaLesso, an African fashion line that stocks some of the most vibrant fabrics we've ever seen. The four prints featured on these particular flats are inspired by "Khanga," otherwise known as those gorgeous sheaths of fabric Swahili women wrap around their waists.
Aside from the fact that the vibrant patterns completely embody that beachy, feel-good summer vibe, the canvas shoes are also perfectly faded and fit to pair with all of our flouncy dresses. Whether you prefer fruity watermelon colors or cornflower blue, we have a feeling you'll fall in love with at least one — if not all — of these styles. (We're particularly drawn to the tangerine beetles that seem to be having a mini powwow).
Let us know which ones you're set on, and click over to Soludos to pick up a pair for $45. Then, we highly suggest you braid yourself a few ankle bracelets to match.
Photo: Courtesy of Soludos

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