How To Kick Butt At Work — By London's Coolest Entrepreneurs

What does it take make it in the big, bad world of business today? Working Girl-worthy shoulder pads? An ice-cold countenance that instils terror in all within a 10-metre radius? A penchant for ruthless manipulation? If you answered yes to any of the above, we urge you to kick these assumptions into the long grass, throw some think music around the situation, and give it 110%. You can even synergize if you must.
In plain English? Lose the clichés. We tracked down the capital’s hippest and most successful female entrepreneurs and asked them to pass on the one piece of advice that changed their direction and made them who they are today.
All you have to do? Read, digest — and then go forth and conquer. We just ask that you remember to thank (read: reimburse) us when you too become a bonafide high roller….

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