Spoil Your Mug With These Seriously Indulgent Night Creams

We don't know if it's a result of our allergy meds or our especially busy spring schedules, but we could certainly use some shut-eye around here. Sleep deprivation is never fun, but in our minds, one of the worst consequences of too little rest is the toll it takes on our skin. Even a few lost hours overnight can mean an increase in puffiness, dullness, and acne — not to mention big 'ol undereye circles. Being tired is bad enough, but bad skin? Now that makes us seriously cranky.
To help you make ample use of the sleep you are getting (even if it's less than you'd like!), we rounded up some of the most potent and luxurious night creams out there. Whether your concern is dull skin, sensitivity, or dryness, these creams will go to work in the PM to totally revitalize your complexion. Slap on one of these gems before you hit the hay — you may not feel perfectly rested when the alarm blares, but your glowing skin will totally be ready to seize the day. Now if only it could tackle your to-do list for you...

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