6 So-Amazing U.K. Getaways Worth Visiting Immediately

We get it. Your passport is clogged with stamps and international visas, and you can reel off, "Where's the nearest bar?" in no fewer than seven different languages. But, when it comes to holiday destinations that are a little closer to home — say, less than two hours from London — you're pretty bloody clueless, aren't you now?
Fortunately, we've eliminated the guesswork by rounding up a handful of lovely, local-ish British spots that are the perfect escape for a low-fuss mini-break, complete with Michelin-starred restaurants, irresistibly charming accommodations, and gorgeous landscapes. The best part? You can get there by car or train in about the time it takes to watch a film.
Of course, it you prefer a more far-flung destination, we're happy to point you in the direction of the nearest budget airline. Oh, look, there's the kid who will be kicking the back of your seat the entire way!
Yeah, that's what we thought. So, click through to discover our favourite U.K. getaways, all right under your nose — and prepare to have your idea of a great trip completely redefined.

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