Watch: Fashion Elite Try (And Fail) To Clean Out Down Their Closets

There's no doubt about it, our closets are jam packed. No matter how hard we try to organize and reorganize we can never seem to get it right. Luckily, the folks over at Bib + Tuck, a members-only fashion community that allows its users to trade wardrobes, feel our pain — and, they're not ashamed to poke a little fun.
In its most recent video, Bib + Tuck interviewed some of our favorite style stars — Hannah Bronfman, Claire Distenfeld, and R29's Kristian Laliberte to name a few — and asked them how and why they spring clean. From self-proclaimed "compulsive thrower-awayers" to those who "need a lot of clutter", this short flick is a hilarious insider look at the hoarding tendencies of some — and the OCD qualities of others.
Photo: Courtesy of Bib + Tuck

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