The Chic Cheapskate’s Guide To New York City

Living cheaply in New York City doesn’t have to be an oxymoron (everybody knows "The rent is too damn high!"). The truth is, there are ways to save big on meals, entertainment, and dates — all without hoarding the pear samples at the Union Square Greenmarket. (Life advice: Never be that lady.)
We’re big supporters of living a gloriously happy life, regardless of your cash flow (or current lack thereof). That’s why we’ve put together a chic cheapskate’s guide to cutting corners and conquering New York City, an itinerary that’ll help every (momentarily) cash-strapped guy and gal about town.
From free nighttime hangs and cheapy-cheap exercise classes to tips on getting any beauty sample you want, this list has got it all. Even if you’re a Three Buck Chuck-swilling, Vanessa’s Dumplings-eating discount maven, there are still a handful of new tricks to learn. Like, scoring a $14 movie ticket for free or, you know, the secret to guaranteeing The Daily Show seats (seriously!). We're all about improving your quality of life and helping you ensure each dollar goes further, not scoring you an appearance on Extreme Couponing.
But, the best part is, there’s nothing here that’ll blow your budget or make you wait in a queue for hours on end to save a few bucks. For the most part, these freebies won’t make you open your wallet at all (except maybe to marvel at how much cash you’ve still got in there).

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