Estée Lauder Says Bottoms Up With Cello Shot Makeup

Looking at the latest Estée Lauder launches, we were momentarily baffled, which was closely followed by mild concern that the brand had suffered a hostile takeover by a rambunctious fraternity. The cause for our confuzzlement? The name of its newest collection is Cello Shots. Surprisingly, that is not the title to some lost John Belushi movie from the early '80s, as we originally thought, but instead refers to a very pretty and fresh cosmetics collection.
Helmed by creative makeup director Tom Pecheux, the four cheek colors, six lipsticks, and six glosses are meant to give the appearance of a cellophane gel on your face. "This season, I've been working with a lot of what I call 'acqua color,'" says Pecheux. "It's a gentle, watery look with just a touch of bright, vibrant color." In non-makeup artist speak, that means wet, shiny shades that look like gel on cheeks and lips. The overall effect is fresh and lightweight, but with a reflective pop of color that keeps it from being watered down and bland.
First off, we love seeing Estée Lauder — a brand typically known as a very serious cosmetics line — have a little fun with their products. It's been moving in this direction over the past few years, but to watch them embrace their saucy side so wholeheartedly is pretty rad. We've never been big believers in taking ourselves, or our makeup, too seriously, so we're 100% on board when a brand reveals its previously unknown cheekiness. More power to you.
It also doesn't hurt that the colors are seriously gorgeous. Just look at the Pure Color Sheer Rush LipShine in Poppy Shock —breathtaking. The gloss is its own little modern marvel, using a "gellified water light system" that allows it to deliver wet color, a cushiony feel, and high-impact shine. The products are just hitting now, but you better hurry — while the cheek stain is a permanent addition to the line, the gloss and lip shine are limited-edition (boo!), and we expect them to disappear off shelves lickety-split.
Estée Lauder Pure Color Sheer Rush Gloss, Lip Shine, and Cheek Rush; $24-$28; available at Estée Lauder. Photos: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

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