The Definitive Guide To New York’s Best Chinese Restaurants

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 3, 2013.] News flash, people. That gloopy, salty, MSG-laden stuff we were raised on? That’s not real Chinese food. And it's about time we tasted the good stuff. With the city’s choice kitchens churning out authentic delights like salt-baked crab, cumin lamb ribs, and pork crab soup dumplings, we’ve got a clutch shortlist of spots ensuring Chinese grub will never be synonymous with that starchy, syrupy — but still tasty! — stuff ever again. Queens is filled with some spicy wonders, Brooklyn's got a dim sum hall ready to please any crowd, and, of course, Manhattan’s own Chinatown is stocked with semi-secret key players — and we’ve got the best of ‘em all right, here. In celebration of the new year, we've rounded up some choice picks of sit-down Szechuan spots, late-night Chinese mainstays, and downtown tea parlors. All you have to do is leave the decision-making where it belongs: the menu!

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