Weird-Girl Chic: 10 Adorably Off-Kilter Kicks From Jil Sander

If fashion's curving right, you can count on Jil Sander to take a left. Jil Sander's shoes are filled with details that thumb their nose at fashion conventions.
For example, if the style world abhors a round-toe shoe, here's Jil, celebrating the round toe's quirky charm. If designers from high to low are churning out classic, '77 creepers, here comes Jil with its oddly sleek version, set atop a modest, saw-toothed sole — it's punk for the space age.
Jil Sander's shoes don't loudly proclaim their difference — but with their clunky, stacked heels and nerdy-chic shapes, they're quirkily "off" in a way that's all their own. Speaking for the weird girls in us: We love.
Click on for 10 lovably off-kilter kicks!

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