Weekend Buzz: Grown-Up Easter Dresses, Opening Day, & DIY Booze

Is there any better way to celebrate warm temps than with a cool, refreshing cocktail? No, there isn't. Ring in the season with this delicious — and classy — kumquat sipper that you can whip up all by yourself. (Julip Made)
Our Easter weekend celebrations involve a little less egg-hunting and a little more brunching. Make your Sunday holiday a grownup affair with this nove take on the classic mimosa. (Style Within Reach)
When it comes to monochromatic dressing, it can be tricky to pull off without looking, well, like a crayon. But, when it's done right, there's nothing chicer — or more fun! For a little color inspiration, look to this District lady in red. (Beauté J'Adore)
Monday marks the official opening day for our own Washington Nationals, and even if you're not a baseball fanatic, there's something to be said for cute guys in tight pants, right? Dive into this Nats Park primer so you're ready for all the beer, peanuts, and, of course, games. Batter up! (Washingtonian)
Maybe we've outgrown the Easter dress in the traditional sense (no more patent-leather shoes and doily socks here!), but everyone loves splurging on a new frock. We say, go ahead and treat yourself — and, this time around, you can wear your new purchase any day of the week. (District Dress Up)
Photos: Via Julip Made, Beauté J'Adore

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