Holi Sh*t! Tatty Devine Throws An Epic Indian Celebration

Tatty Devine's founders, Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, haven't actually been to India, but the jewellery designers did an excellent job of convincing us otherwise at last night's I Heart Holi party.
Vine and Wolfenden told us that they were inspired by both the Holi festival of colours and the Indian influences informing their new spring '13 collection, in which elephants, multicoloured petals, and lush tropical leaves run rampant. To share that inspiration with the world, the recent MBE honourees transformed Southwark's I Heart Studios into an exuberant extravaganza of South Asian culture.
Fuelled by Midori cocktails and feasting on made-to-order portions of chaat, party-goers queued up for henna tattoos, nail art, bindi applications, and colourful, Bollywood-style makeovers from Illamasqua. All of that primping and pampering seemed a bit all for nought, however, once the main event began...
In keeping with Holi tradition, party-goers broke out their white duds, boiler suits, and safety goggles — and blasted each other with coloured powder, culminating in one of the most raucous and messy free-for-alls we've ever witnessed. Not even Vine and Wolfenden, each rocking white sheaths and coloured tights, could escape the mayhem, emerging dusty and as rainbow-hued as any of their witty baubles.
As far as parties go, this one was epic. As far as showers go, we're on our third one. This stuff has to come out at some point, right?

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