What Would Alexa Wear? 10 Retro-Chic Dresses To Make An It Girl Out Of You

When it comes to fashion, it's not easy to keep our attention — but Modcloth keeps us coming back, year after year. Its constantly updated stock of adorable, vintage-meets-modern dresses is hard to resist — and not just because we love throwing on a '60s-inspired sheath, black ballet flats, and pretending we're Alexa Chung for the day (don't mess with our dreams, okay?).
So, what would Alexa wear to a chic, springtime soirée? Probably something a lot like these 10 dresses. From draped floral schmattes to tomboyish, sporty-chic tank dresses, these numbers are flirty, fun, and will definitely turn heads.
Read on for all our springy favorites!

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