Got A Minute? Scope Out The 50+ Pages Of Clover Canyon's Latest Lookbook

Just like you'd never ask a leopard to change its spots, it would be comical to ask Clover Canyon to create anything less than OMFG-status wares. Whether the ultra-talented Rozae Nichols culls inspiration from her SoCal stomping grounds or faraway Russia, her designs make even the boldest dressers blush.
Naturally, when the brand's latest lookbook popped into our inbox, we made sure to dispose of any open-beverage containers littered on the desk — yes, our excitement was that unconstrained — before we frantically calmly clicked through the 58 glorious ensembles. So with that, we suggest you childproof (ha!) your own surroundings before embarking on this risky journey through CC's pre-fall '13 collection. Between the cut-out sheath dresses and the pretty peacock tunics, you may want to warn your neighbors, too — the oohs and aahs are about to reach a maximum dB level.
Photo: Courtesy of Clover Canyon

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