Match Your Makeup To Your Mood: Here's How

To say our moods are mercurial would be like saying Tilda Swinton has a passing interest in boxes — that is, a gross understatement. Not only are we constantly shifting our emotions, we like to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Which is why we're digging the idea of matching your makeup to your mood.
Consider it the mood ring for the new millenium — instead of gaudy jewelry, use your cosmetics know-how to craft a look that shows everyone exactly how you're feeling. Granted, this works best on those times when you have a sunnier disposition, rather than when your mood is hovering in the "rage blackout" or "super-sad emojicon" zone. But if you're feeling kooky, dramatic, coy, dreamy, or fearless, well, then we've got some ideas for you. Click through for some cool makeup looks that will help you express your state of mind — whatever that may be.
Photo: MCV Photo

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