The 10 Strappy Sandals To Wear This Spring (Any Day Now...)

When it comes to seasons, we admit it: Fashion is really guilty of jumping the gun. It's probably still snowing where you are, but we're not going to talk about winter boots or between-season dressing here. Nope — after a long winter, we're over snow, all out of vitamin D, and beyond ready for more civilized spring climes.
Good news, fellow winter-deniers: Spring fashion gives us a lot to look forward to. We hit up DSW to find the cutest spring sandals, and trust us: There's not a snoozer in the bunch. From sleek, mint-green pumps to minimalist, two-tone flatforms (very Spice Girls-gone-Bergdorf's), we've got all the adorable, strappy, open-toed kicks you need to kick those Bean boots to the curb — finally. Click on!

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