12 Dr. Martens Boots That Are More Polished Than Punk

Don't get us wrong, we love Dr. Martens' classic lace-up boots — our disaffected teenage years wouldn't have been the same without our oxblood 8-eyes. But, the good Doctor makes shoes for non-mosh pit wear, too — and it's these styles that are currently fueling our obsession.
See the bright-red engineer boots, the adorable orange-patent kicks, and the perfect, orthopedic-chic sandal (this look will be big, trust!) to join our covet list in the dozen Docs ahead.
As always, in Dr. Martens' world, the form used to make the shoe is everything — which makes that sleek, tapered, gold boot a world apart from our clunkers of yore. It's probably a good thing...since we gave our bondage pants away ages ago.

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