12 Couples, 12 Beautiful City Hall Weddings

These days, it's sometimes difficult to see beyond the veil — past the choreographed YouTube-able dance down the aisle, past the matching bridesmaid dresses handmade by an indie designer in Fort Greene, past all the random cousins you haven't seen since your 12th birthday. Sometimes, a wedding can easily feel more like gluten-free, off-white icing than actual cake. But, at the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration of you, your boo, and the bond you share. Everything else is just extra.
Which is why we love a good City Hall wedding. It's the "I Do" in its purest form — and a million times more romantic than any episode of Bridezilla we've ever seen. Plus, when you're perched on the steps for a few days, like we were, you can see all this happiness take place about four dozen times — a good thing for any love-story addict. Now, click through to see our favorite couples who recently tied the knot. Now, excuse us while we go take care of that thing in our eye...

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