10 Adorably Preppy Kate Spade Purses For The Gossip Girl In You

Remember when being called a "prep" was a bad thing? Your high school mileage may have varied, but we did anything we could to avoid association with the popped-collar set. Yet, somehow, in this post-Jenna Lyons world, those old symbols of upper-crust chic seem fun and cheeky — not stuffy. (Tennis skirts? Adorable. Polo shirts? Bring 'em on!)
That's just one of the reasons why Kate Spade is dear to our hearts. She makes old-school preppy feel fresh again — as these 10 bags will attest. Dainty wicker purses, ladylike frame bags, and more mint green and candy pink than you can shake a polo stick at: These are winsome, retro purses for those of us who've made peace with our inner prep.
Click on for our 10 favorites, including one clutch made to look like an old transistor radio — it's about as gorgeous as gadgets get.

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