Late-Night Noshing, March Madness, & More We're Buzzing About This Week

In case you haven't noticed from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, March Madness has officially begun. While we're all about rooting for our alma mater, this bracket is just a little more our style. Plus, we're always happy when Connie Britton wins anything, right? (Redeye)
NYC may bill itself as the city that never sleeps, but it turns out that Chicagoans just might be full of even more night owls. According to a new survey, Windy City residents are the most likely to indulge in late-night noshing — we order a whopping 14% of our meals from Seamless between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. As for what's causing those late-night munchies...that, we'll steer clear of. (Seamless)
As much as we love our big-city lifestyle, there's something to be said for the beautiful simplicity of the country. Since we can't jet off to a cabin every weekend, we're constantly channeling the great outdoors when it comes to our wardrobe — and this outfit is the perfect example. (Jag Lever)
With swimsuit season nearing, you're probably starting to think about the dreaded D-word: diet. But, before you start substituting all your meals with cabbage soup or endless grapefruits, you'll want to know what fad diets are just that — fads. (Cheeky Chicago)
We'll admit it: We're suckers for a good macaron. The little French goodies are a lustworthy combo of sweet and chic, and we can't get enough — especially when it comes this eye-candy recipe. (Miss Renaissance)
Photos: Via Miss Renaissance, Jag Lever

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