Meet Your Match: The 8 Best Foundations For All Skin Tones and Types

Finding the perfect foundation ain't easy — but the search is so worth it. The right foundation will even out your skin tone, make your pores disappear, smooth fine lines, and generally give you the kind of velvety complexion it usually takes a glycolic peel and really good genes to achieve.
To save you the endless (and expensive!) trial and error of trying every foundation out there, we rounded up our 8 faves, suitable for all skin tones and types.
Breakout-prone? Clinique's Acne Solutions blends away blemishes and treats 'em with salicylic acid, too. Need long-lasting coverage? Shiseido's The Makeup will keep you flawless morning to night, trust. One of our picks even clocks in at under four bucks — perfection rarely comes this cheap, friends.
Read on to discover the eight best bases out there — and get ready to tell everyone you're just naturally flawless.
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