Job & Boss' Oaxaca Line Is Making Us Yearn For A Mexican Vacay

We’ve been obsessed with Oakland accessory line Job & Boss since we first laid eyes upon its intricately dyed indigo tote bags and clutches. And In The Make’s introspective studio tour of the duo was basically icing on the creative cake. But, after seeing the textile masters’ latest endeavor, we’re completely over the moon for the pair’s down-to-earth designs. Inspired by a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, the woven, patterned purses are a slight departure from the softer, lighter-colored carryalls we’re used to seeing, but that doesn’t mean they lack in lavishness or allure in the least.
Each style is modeled after a cityscape or a muted-toned scene from the Mexican city — boasting subtle, terracotta-like colors with splashes of black and gray. The gorgeous, handmade textiles weren’t all Job & Boss’ doing, however. “The textiles featured in the Oaxaca Collection are hand-woven by master weaver Alfredo Hernandez-Orozco," say designers Brook Lane and Kirby McKenzie. "A true collaboration, these limited-edition, organic weavings are a blend of century-old tradition and a Job & Boss original design.” If you can’t hightail it to Mexico anytime soon, these items are no doubt the next best treat. So, take a glimpse at these dreamy handbags and let the visions of a sun-soaked, dusty Mexican sojourn ensue.

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