Urban Decay Launches Eyeliner Vault, We Suddenly Have Urge To Commit B&E

We're not ones to condone petty crime, but this little baby might just be worth breaking into. Say hello to Urban Decay's Eyeliner Vault. Every single 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil the brand makes, plus 13 brand new shades and 14 previously exclusive shades, all in one convenient place. That's 40 shades total, for those of you who haven't completely memorized (in alphabetical order, naturally) the shade list by heart.
Now, we know no one really needs 40 eyeliners, which is why this bad boy is strictly for the true eye makeup obsessives of the bunch. It rings in at a healthy $295, but, if you're looking to justify the purchase, just note that it would cost you a whopping $800 to buy them all separately. Math: Helping us justify our out-of-control makeup habit one value proposition at a time.
Urban Decay Eyeliner Vault, $295, available March 27 at Urban Decay.

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