Believe Us, This Ax + Apple Lookbook Is A Real (Snake) Charmer!

Have you done the flea market tango? You know, when you size up a potential steal, but can't seem to bring yourself to commit that very second? Then, after another lap around the stalls, you realize that the charming tchotchke you were eyeing would make the perfect pendant, only to find out that another shopper seized the opportunity ten minutes before.
It's a sad dance, but thankfully jewelry designer Jamie Lyn of ax + apple has our backs. She rarely lets a single treasure fall through her fingers, turning vintage coins, miniature pocket knives, and colorful crystals into ultra-modern, wearable items. In fact, her accessories are so prolific that whether you're grabbing coffee on Silver Lake Boulevard or cruisin' around Abbot Kinney, there's no way you could miss this local lady's creations. Keep your eyes peeled for her most charming collection to date, inspired by the Chinese zodiac and the Year of the Snake. This lookbook not only includes gorgeous watercolors, but a model-ready reptilian to boot. So, any readers who share Indiana Jones' fear of the slippery serpents should steer clear of this colorful slideshow. For everyone else: What are you waiting for?
Photo: Courtesy of ax + apple

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