Cover Up! 9 Awesome Concealers That Really DO Hide It All

If you've ever suffered from breakouts, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or dark circles, then you know what a lifesaver a good concealer can be. If you've never had to deal with any of these issues, well then la-di-dah for you. But, for those of us who struggle with less-than-perfect complexions, a concealer is what can give us the confidence we need to face the world, even when we're not feeling so stellar about our skin.
Our editors have all done battle with the dreaded monster zit, or had (many) sleepless nights that showed up on their faces the next day, but you wouldn't know it because they all have mastered the art of cosmetics camouflage. So, we did an office-wide poll to learn their secrets and find out which concealers have earned a spot in the R29 Hall of Fame.
Here, you'll find the 9 concealers they deemed worthy, based on their powers to cover up all manner of pesky spots, circles, redness, dullness, and general blahness. Click through to see our perfecting picks, then tell us in the comments what concealer you turn to when your skin is in crisis.

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