Spring's Most Epic Workout Playlist — 22 Pump-You-Up Tracks

UPDATE: This story was originally published on March 12.
Cycling without a bike, tennis without a racket, Barry's without at least 30 minutes of post-session wind-down time — there are lots of ways to be unprepared for a workout. But, none of them compare to going it on your own without some epic tunes. So, So, we tapped music man and Show Manager of the newly launched The TENTS @ PROJECT, Dane Cohen who partnered with MusicDefault.com to put together playlist that can double as your in-ear personal trainer. Indeed, there's nothing like the beat dropping and the tempo picking up to get you over that metaphorical (or all too real) hill. Just be careful of listening to these tunes at your desk — bicep curls and lunges may ensue.
Photos: Via Amazon and Soundcloud

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