The Best New Moisturizers For Your Skin Type

It’s no secret that we live for testing fresh lipstick shades, playing with perfumes, and deciding which new top-of-the-line lengthening mascara rules them all, but skincare is a totally different battlefield.
We may have spent our teenage years slathering on whatever lotion we happened to find in our bathroom cabinet. But, these days, we know the importance of investing in a moisturizer that’ll do more than just hydrate parched skin: Your daily face cream should work — literally — for your skin to remedy anything from annoying combination skin to pesky hyperpigmentation.
Fortunately, no matter what’s plaguing your complexion, there’s probably a new formula on the market designed with your dilemma in mind. So, instead of slapping one on without a thought (and setting yourself up for some staunch disappointment), read on find out the best moisturizer to keep your visage vibrant!

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