Warm Up With A Bowl Of This Local Love (Recipe Alert!)

Here's the good news: The snowstorm is over — but it doesn't change the fact that it's pretty darn cold out there. So, if you're already thinking about what your dinner plans are going to be on what will no doubt be a crisp evening, then we've got a little inspiration before you hit those grocery-store aisles.
Lately, we've been obsessed with food blog Dinner Was Delicious, the pet project of local gals (and pals!) Lucy Hewett and Rachel Adams. Hewett is a pro photographer who just so happens to have shot several of our amazing R29 stories (check this out!), while Adams spends her time writing, baking, and helping out at Uncharted Books. We love that this dynamic duo gives us lazy-girl versions (maybe with a couple of F-bombs along the way) of comforting meals, like this amazing lentil soup.
Expect "filling, versatile, vegan, and, better yet, basically free" meals. You can make a week's worth of this zesty yum for right around $6 — no kidding! And, because who doesn't appreciate shortcuts that save time without sacrificing flavor, there's a super-cool trick with garlic in here that you can use in more than just this recipe. So, check it out, and get ready to start lovin' lentils!
Photo: Courtesy of Dinner Was Delicious

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