Is This What's Next In Online Shopping?

If you're an avid online shopper, chances are that you've been doing a lot more of it lately...and not only because you've become more obsessed with clicking "Checkout." In recent years, there's also so many more types of fashion to buy. Years ago, you'd probably never consider buying consignment online — that's what brick-and-mortar shops like Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, and Plato's Closet are for. However, as WWD reports, online consignment retailers are becoming the next flash-sale sites, like Gilt.
With the right mixture of beautiful product shots, the right merch, a story to latch onto, and a fair price, you probably know firsthand how a good online vintage retailer will convince you to drop way more money than a regular vintage shop. And for women in areas without access to solid consignment stores, these online retailers can be the only places where shoppers can score Chanel and YSL without doing something as drastic as selling off their unborn child.
“Five years ago, there wasn’t a demand for pre-owned ready-to-wear or couture, but in the past two-and-a-half-years it’s slowly trickled up. People have realized that consumers will spend up to thousands for these items,” said Macala Wright, a digital marketing consultant. A bonus? WWD points to sites like The Real Real, where you're not only able to shop, but you're able to sell, too. Average sellers make $6,000 a year off of cosign profits. It even had one super-user that made $195,000 in 2012 — an inspiring story for anyone whose own online shopping habits nearly need a second income to support. (WWD)
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