A Sneaky-Smart Pro Trick For Covering Grays At Home

While we're all about embracing your natural (or unnatural) grays, we get that sporting the silver fox look may not be for everyone. Still, there are those women who don't want to go to a salon to get their grays professionally touched up, but also don't want to dye their whole head in order to get rid of those pesky silver strands. While the many at-home root touch-up kits out there can be helpful, they lack the diversity of shades that a regular box dye may have.
Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of those grays at home without having to resort to full dye job. We gleaned this tip from L'Oréal's global consulting hair colorist, Christophe Robin: "Mix one tbsp. of peroxide with one tbsp. of hair color from the kit in a cup. Drag a comb through the mixture so it gets up into the teeth, then comb it through grays and leave it on for the amount of time written on the box. This will help you cover grays without altering your natural color or having to use one of those grays-only kits."
Unable to find your absolute perfect shade? Robin says to always err on the side of darker, never lighter — slightly darker roots are more natural (plus you can pass them off as ombré) than lighter ones. Sneaky, sneaky!
Photo: iStock

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