The Lazy Girl's Guide To Saving Money

Update: This story was originally published on March 4. It has been updated with additional content.
Lazy girls, rejoice: We've found the simplest-ever ways to save money — and the brilliant part is, it happens without you even feeling like you're saving. We're not talking about packing lunches, clipping coupons, or going out less, either. (Call us crazy, but we're not sacrificing our morning latte to save two bucks.)
Nope, these are the seriously sneaky, why-didn't-I-think-of-that ways to build your wealth — and you'll save like crazy without changing your lifestyle or habits. They're straight from the money-minded Kelly P. Hernandez, the founder and CEO of, an independent, unbiased personal finance site for women. Hernandez spent years working on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, managing equity mutual funds and working with big-name clients. Now, she's sharing her know-how on saving without feeling like you're saving. Prepare to be amazed by how it all adds up.

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