Time To Freak Out! Freda Salvador's Rad Shoe Shop Is Open — Tour It Here

If you’re even the teensiest bit clued in to the S.F. fashion scene, you probably know that standout shoe company Freda Salvador is blowing up. And trust us, we’re not ones to keep that info under wraps — we’ve been proud followers of the local brand since the beginning and are thrilled to see it propel at such a rapid pace, with major outlets like WWD and Vogue taking notice. We tipped you off earlier this year about the new store the designers, Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo, were planning on opening and finally, that time has arrived (get those wallets ready).
The gleaming new Union Street space is a beacon of sole style in the center of the Marina. The 1,000-square-feet layout houses the finely designed pairs of shoes, along with boasting dreamy little vignettes filled with tomes and inspiring art. If you feel like posting up mid-shop, the new Freda Salvador location provides a lounge-like seating area for coffee and magazine browsing.
“San Francisco has been such a welcoming and supportive city to us and our business. We are eternally grateful for that because it has given us the confidence to take this next step,” says Papay. “We are so thrilled to open a space where we can interact with our customers, offer them a coffee, and really get to know who they are!" Sneak a peek at the new store — open now — after the jump! Then step on over to check it out in person!
Photographed by Anna-Alexa Basile

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