An Inch Here, An Inch There: Behold Dries' Larger-Than-Life Collection

When Dries Van Noten gives you an inch, you owe it to the brand to go a full using what should be simple separates — sweaters, trousers, coats, and dresses — and elevating them to armor, costume, and an extension of your own too-big-for-the-room personality.
You could spot that extra inch in each piece of his most recent fall '13 collection: Trousers and skirts were an inch too long, coats with shoulders an inch too wide, feathers an inch too fluffy, striped patterns were an inch too far apart…even shirt collars (left refreshingly unbuttoned) seemed like they were an inch too big. Of course, all the bigness was a deliberate move to unsettle and draw attention. You're never just wearing a pair of Dries pants — those Dries pants are here, and unless you're something special, you're merely in them.
With Dries, it's always a funny juxtaposition between slouchy and structured, borrowed and tailor-made; the effect being a larger-than-life collection of clothing that demands a woman with an even bigger personality. It's no wonder that Dries uses this collection to call out these women — we personally know women who consider Dries a part of their lives, and they're exceptional. If it all means that more of those women exist, it's a call that we're happy he makes.

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