Fashion Math: Interview-Outfit Edition

Whether it's because you bought it under stress, were confused about the type of position you were interviewing for, or played too hard into suit trends (remember the era of the pin-striped, flared pant leg?), most women who've done the interview circuit probably own a getup they've never worn again. It's not worth the closet space, we say.
Now that you might be considering a better position, a chance to work at a company you've always admired, or a whole new career change entirely — trust us when we say that it helps to take even an ounce of the thought you put into your cover letter into what you should wear to the interview. To help prep, we've come up with nine foolproof outfits that work for all ladies, whether you're gunning for a corporate job or something more relaxed. Bonus: You'll definitely be able to wear these babies again. The coolest résumé boosters, right this way...

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